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Search Engine Advertising Company by Goss Enterprise has had zero BBB complaints in twelve years of business.  Goss Enterprise affects positive change through unique means within the Advertising Industry; Goss Enterprise will guarantee results or your money back.


About Search Engine Advertising Company

Search Engine Placement Financially Guaranteed

Goss Enterprise, Doing business since 2001 as Search Engine Advertising Company is a search engine advertising firm that specializes in optimization of its client's web sites and striving toward top search engine placement for those sites on keyword searches performed by their target market at the major US search engines.  Located in Toledo, Ohio, Goss Enterprise advertises itself on the Search Engines as well as on Cable Television.  View their TV commercials at SearchEngine-Advertising.com .

Search Engine Advertising Company is ready to understand your business, to optimize your web site, or to design your new site in the way the search engines want your site to be, and to help you market your message in proven means that garnish success.  First Goss Enterprise Search Engine Advertising performs research on raw market data in buying habits and search habits, short and long term trends; gathering a three dimensional understanding of your business, understanding it also as much through the client's words and with this critical awareness, Search Engine Advertising Company will customize their efforts toward every, individual program. 

Search Engine Optimization is performed to each customer's need, based on a variety of factors that mean visitors, sales and success to the client.  Goss Enterprise produces results from those efforts that include greater exposure on search engines, industry specific directories and helps to implement the leading online practices toward guiding the search engine user to do what is needed for them to do; purchase. 

The total influence and wide-sweeping implications of the whole concept of advertising on the search engines are both easily noticeable.  It is the means for many to make their living.  It is the focus of your target market, and that audience, the internet audience, must be reached through search engines.  Search Engine Advertising and Optimization are the focus of many who profess to do advertising or optimization; large companies, small companies, professionals, lay men, successful and the not-so-successful.  There are those who create web sites.  There are those who only optimize parts of sites like meta tags.  There are those whose optimization extends beyond meta tags and page content into graphic and other source content.  Just because a company has somebody who built their site does not translate to search engine placement success, or even rudimentary awareness of the optimization facet and what it takes to be placed well on the search engines



A web site designer, a web site marketer, and a web site optimization specialist are all wearing different hats.  A web site advertiser may know Google pay per click advertising only.  We do not manage pay per click advertising but we convey professionalism, confidence and success in all three areas of expertise; search engine optimization, marketing and advertising.  We can design a new site or redesign existing sites.  Most often, however, we assume a site that is done, meets all the expectations of design, and we polish the site through optimization methods, we address marketing and the overall delivery of "the message" from the site, we then convince the search engines to rank the sites well through our advertising.  Please keep in mind, our site rankings come from honest to goodness hard work, through optimization, submission and a host of other valued media, toward web site advancement; we do not, ever, manage any kind of sponsored, pay per click campaigns, neither for any client nor for ourselves.  When you found this site on the search engines it came from hard work, optimization, submissions, time, polishing, more hard work, optimization, and so on; it is an on-going cycle.   

Try to be open minded momentarily; what has the greater long term implications for your web site and your business?  Which is most important to your company; the short term, high cost, pay per click offerings, which translate to renting your search engine positions, or effective ongoing SEO which can be a long term effective and valuable means toward owning your search engine positions?

You may only need one of those specialists.  If you own a business that advertises in the newspaper for candidates to visit your site to find more drivers to employ you may not need an optimization company or advertising company.  You may only then need a web site designer to satisfy your needs. 

If you own a site that sells a niche product or service that you know there is a great market and demand you definitely need Search Engine Optimization.  Your marketing, your message, your vision and mission must all have cohesion.  Your design has to convey the industry professionalism you know best about.  Your advertising is of paramount significance.  Search engine advertising will make or break online sales.  Luckily you have found Search Engine Advertising Company and thusly you are well on the way toward influencing the search engines to place your site well through your optimization, marketing and advertising










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